Peter Haynes

promotional, corporate, broadcast - motion graphics - event coverage

We are limited only by what we can imagine as far as video are concerned. Thinking not only outside the square I have always try to think outside this world to create impact in my videos. I have produced many varied videos from covering our biggest equestrian events here in Australia to exciting or emotional pieces for charity fund raising nights. With an eye for detail as well as the artistic I create moving and thoughtful productions that are powerful and truely unique.

Specialising in affordable and entertaining online videos that will capture your clients imagination. In today's world, the Internet is an excellent way for your business to expand its online presence as well as giving customers opportunity to get to know your products and services.

I have produced many hundred of online videos from promotional, product and even Vlogs (the video equivalence of blogging). Your videos could be displayed on your website either directly embedded or via You Tube. If you do not have a You Tube channel I could easily set one up for you, this would allow you to expand your internet presence vastly.

If you are seeking a truely unique and powerful video or have any queries about my services feel free to contact me.

 All content video and images are the sole property of Peter Haynes and subject to copyright laws. If you would like to use any content please contact me.